Hours and Tuition

We strive to make The Mulberry Tree affordable and convenient for as many families as possible. Our staff, programming, and facilities compare with premium programs at a much lower cost. We offer need-based financial assistance. There are no surprise fees (Registration, New Student, Materials, Enrichment, mandatory fundraisers, etc.) which can add thousands to annual tuition.

Our core program for all students runs from: 9AM - 1:30PM, Monday - Thursday.

For families who need more care, our extended days run from: 7AM - 7PM, Monday - Thursday.

The 4-day core program (9AM – 1:30PM, Monday – Thursday) is $1050/month. You may drop off as early as 8:30.

Early/late care (by prior arrangement) is $11/hour. We generally accommodate requests for care as early as 7AM and as late as 7PM. You can also (occasionally) ask for hours outside that time frame.

Parents who consistently need care from 9AM to 5PM Monday – Thursday may choose a $1400/month option, which is slightly less than the $11/hour rate. You may combine the $1400/month plan with early or late care to get the coverage you need.

Snack is included. There is an optional meal plan for $150/month or the actual cost to provide wholesome, organic lunch, whichever is lower. All enrichment activities that happen between 9AM and 1:30PM are included in the cost of tuition. 

Many families benefit from the 4-day schedule. Their schedules allow them to spend that day with their children or they have a care option. For families who need 5-day coverage, we are currently negotiating with a provider who can fill that need for Mulberry Tree families.