The most important things we can provide to children are consistent love and warmth. The child needs that emotional grounding to grow and learn. But for us to be our best teaching selves, we must go further. My love for children compels me to learn more, so that my time with them is both well-intended and well-crafted. Only by bringing both of those elements can I truly enable each uniquely gifted child to grasp his or her potential.
Jeanne (Gigi) deMarrais
Director, Teacher
Resources for research-aligned learning

Music Learning Theory

Our music classes use the approach developed by Dr. Edwin Gordon, Music Learning Theory. The practical component of this theory uses movement and music experiences to challenge the developing brain to create and preserve neurological connections. 

Dr. Gordon’s research suggests that Early Childhood offers an opportunity to cultivate musicianship that will not be equaled at any other point in the child’s life. Laying the foundations of musicianship in the early years can benefit the child for a lifetime.

National Science Teachers Association

Our science curriculum aligns with the Position Statement of the National Science Teachers Association and the California State Framework. 

At The Mulberry Tree, young learners are encouraged to explore their experiences with scientific reasoning, including hypothesis, testing, and evaluation of evidence. They are allowed to explore science projects that reflect their interests and evolve over the course of many learning sessions.  

Conscious Discipline

We draw from the Social-Emotional curriculum of Dr. Becky Bailey, Conscious Discipline. Dr. Bailey’s curriculum empowers adults to change their own behavior in a way that enables children to understand and manage their feelings.  

The approach is based on current research in child development and the functioning of the human brain. Adults following the program learn not only how to diffuse challenging behaviors, but also how to support and coach children toward independence, confidence, and compassion.