Is The Mulberry Tree right for my family?

What are the days and hours ?

Our core program runs Monday – Thursday from 9AM to 1:00PM, the hours at which children learn best. When they are healthy, we expect children to be present during these hours. 

We offer a 9AM – 5PM option plus early/late care by the hour.

Fridays are not a part of our core program, but we partner with a Friday-only program so that families are abler to get the coverage they need.



Our curriculum and materials are appropriate to  preschool children. Children are ready to thrive in our program when they have the capacity to explore independently and to cooperate with other children. Most children transition to this stage at about 2.5 years of age.

Self-care is a part our preschool curriculum: hand-washing, hair brushing, oral hygiene, knots and buttons. 


Either 3:1 or 4:1, trained Mulberry Tree staff. Children have abundant opportunities to work independently, in peer groups, and individually with teachers. All teachers work outside of classroom hours in planning, reflection, documentation, and communicating with parents.

As part of our commitment  to the next generation of Early Childhood teachers, we sometimes mentor vaccinated, background-checked teaching interns. Teaching interns are not counted in staffing ratios. They add to our community without taking resources from your child.


The Mulberry Tree believes in the potential of all children. We welcome every child we can serve in a safe and loving environment. We believe our combination of high standards, flexible programming, and teacher accountability is especially beneficial to Double-Exceptional (2E) children.

what are your covid-19 protocols ?

We employ standard protocols such as mask-wearing, temperature checks, surface cleaning (either alcohol-based disinfectant or ionized water, depending on the surface), and shifting of many activities to outdoor areas. Because we do not have to divide outdoor areas between multiple classrooms, we are able to spend at least half of our day outdoors. 

Staff members are fully vaccinated and plan to keep their vaccinations up-to-date. We ask for children to remain home if they have symptoms or any reason to suspect exposure. We update policies on these fronts as recommended by mainstream, science-based public health professionals.

Unfortunately, children who share a home with an adult who is unvaccinated by choice will not be accepted into this program. We do not limit children to isolated play (puzzles, etc.) and so must require extra vigilance on the part of families in order to keep our community safe. Thank you for understanding.

Do you require children to have vaccinations ?

California state law requires children in licensed care to have vaccinations on a schedule that is approved by a licensed physician. Because of COVID-19 and other health concerns, many children are behind in their vaccination schedule. This situation is acceptable so long as your physician approves of the plan to fully vaccinate your child and your family maintains the schedule provided by that plan.


At The Mulberry Tree, we are committed to premium programming and premium materials at a moderate price. We include high quality, organic food (currently sourced at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market) in the cost of tuition. Music Together plus an MLT-aligned music program are offered at no additional cost.

We consider food to be part of an Early Childhood curriculum, but the inclusion of food returns time to busy parents and, we believe, significantly increases the value of an Early Childhood program.